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The world's largest companies use Airhub's corporate solutions for their drone operations


Step 1. "The Basics"

To set up a safe, efficient and legal drone program within your organisation you will - at least - need to answer the following questions:

  • Which type of drone fits my use case?

  • What training and education do we need?

  • Which authorisations and waivers do we need?

AirHub will help you answer these questions and provide you with the right drones and equipment, documentation, training and operational authorisations to get started quickly. We can also conduct a Proof of Concept of your use case under our operational authorisation as well.

"AirHub experts helped us realize ROI on our drone program within months" 


Step 2. "Training"

To perform safe, efficient and legal operations, your flight crews must comply with company standard operating procedures and have sufficient practical skills to pilot the drone. To get them there we offer various trainings:

  • Open or Specific Category EASA online training

  • On-the-job normal and emergency procedure training

  • Multi Crew Coordination (MCC) and CRM training

  • Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS) training

  • Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA) training

Our experts will make sure that all trainings match your industry or use case specific requirements and are scalable and repeatable for in-house recurrent training. 

"Introducing new pilots to our drone program is now quick and easy " 


Step 3. "Ops. Manual"

The Operations Manuals is the backbone of your drone program. It enables you to perform repeatable operations that are safe, efficient and compliant with regulations. We will help you set up a Operations Manual that includes:

  • Organisational structures and responsibilities

  • Normal, abnormal and emergency procedures

  • SORA and Standard Scenario requirements

  • Maintenance and occurrence reporting schedules

  • Crew qualification and training requirements

  • Safety Management System guidelines

Our experienced aviation consultants will also make sure your Operations Manual stays fully compliant with the any requirements defined by your Civil Aviation Authority. 

"AirHub's Manual Distribution System pushes updates to our OM automatically." 

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Step 4. "Compliance"

Once your drone program is up and running the AirHub Drone Operations Center and Ground Control apps for iOS and Android will help you to: 

  • Improve efficiency in flight planning and logging

  • Collaborate with live streaming and remote control

  • Ensure compliance with customisable checklists

  • Schedule maintenance and handle occurrence reports

Our software solutions ensure that safety and efficiency improvements are continuously implemented and that you can easily scale your operation with more pilots and drones.

"AirHub's software solutions ensure consistency and improve safety" 


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