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Enterprises and governments worldwide take advantage of our experience and expertise. 


SORA & Regulations

The UAS Regulation and SORA Workshop is aimed at EU drone operators, manufacturers, national Civil Aviation Authorities, Air Navigations Service Providers (ANSP) and other aviation professionals working with drones (UAS). 


Participants will gain detailed knowledge about the EASA UAS Regulation and SORA methodology and they  will be trained on performing their own risk assessment using the Specific Operations Risk Assessment. 


For Competent Authorities and Qualified Entities an advanced workshop is available, covering the integration of SORA within your national regulatory framework and the processes that can be applied to develop national Standard Scenarios (STS) and Pre-Defined Risk Assessments (PDRA).


Policy Development

Drone technology is moving fast and we are looking at a future where packages will be delivered to us through the air and where Urban Air Mobility (UAM) will be a common service. So how do you keep up as a national legislator or policy maker in an industry that is innovating at such a tremendous pace?

Our consultants are trained aviation experts that have a deep knowledge about drone regulations and have gained extensive operational experience. They can support you in the development of your national, regional or local policies and regulations. 

With expertise ranging from geographical zoning through U-Space/Unmanned Traffic Management to airworthiness requirements and social acceptance, our consultants can provide you with high quality advice. 


Innovation and testing

New EASA and CAA regulations for UAS open up a world of possibilities. Do you have an innovative use case in mind such as flying at night, beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) or over people? We will assist you with setting up the required (SORA) risk analysis and guide your through the application process for an operational authorisation or waiver at your National Aviation Authority. 


We even have set up various drone testing sites and BVLOS corridors across Europe and can guide you in the development of Standard Scenarios or Pre-Defined Risk Assessments that are specific to your industry.