Enabling safe, legal and efficient drone operations

Expertise & Experience

At AirHub we can enable the full potential of drones for your organisation. By providing enterprises with the right tools, training and support, software for drone operations management and guidance on policies and risk assessment, we can guide you from an proof of concept to a fully implemented drone program - and the resulting return on investment. Get in touch with us today and profit from our experience and expertise. 

We know your industry 

Our very experienced team of consultants with backgrounds ranging from legal to software engineering and from aviation to business development can support you in all aspects of your drone operation, wether you are a startup or a large multinational.

We are aviators

With decades of combined experience in commercial aviation as airlines pilots and many years of experience as drone operators we will assist your crew in getting airborne safely and help you set up a legal and efficient drone program.

We value collaboration

By working with great partners we are able to develop innovative new software and services that allow enterprises to safely and efficiently integrate drones into their workflow and to enjoy all the benefits that unmanned aircraft have to offer.

Our mission

Our mission at AirHub is to safely integrate drones into our society. We believe that drones enable businesses to work safer, smarter and more efficient. By connecting drones to the enterprise through our software and consulting services we want to deliver on the full potential of drones.

Join us on the AirHub mission

Do you have a passion for drones and unmanned systems and do you want to be at the forefront of developments in this area? We are always looking for developers and highly skilled consultants. Get in touch with us to find out more.