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Last updated

20 October 2022

Edit profile

It's always possible to edit the information on your profile. Think of changing your password, e-mail address, or even your name. This can be done in both the Drone Operation Center and the Ground Control App

Ground Control App

  1. Go to your profile in the bottom right corner

  2. Press on 'profile', this is the first option below your flight information

  3. A new screen will open showing different options such as 'change profile' and 'change password'

  4. Choose the desired action and follow the steps accordingly

  5. Always make sure to press save!

Drone Operation Center

  1. Click on your name in the upper left corner. Make sure it's the one at the very top, not the one below. This is for selecting your team environment

  2. Click on the information you'd like to change, and change as wished

  3. Always make sure to click on save!

  4. It's also possible to enter your profile via the dashboard overview. On the right, you'll see a profile picture with information below it. Click on 'Open profile' to go to your profile

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