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Review training

Last updated

4 November 2022

Review training

Drone Operation Center

Please keep in mind that a training can only be reviewed by an admin. If you don't see this option in your overview, it's because you're not an admin.

  1. In the bar on the left side of the screen, you'll see 'Training' as one of the options. Click on this

  2. You'll automatically land on a page with all training

  3. At the top, you'll see three options, of which one is 'Review'. Click on this

  4. Click on the blue 'Request completion' button in the upper right corner

  5. Click on the training you'd like to review

  6. A screen will open, asking you to fill in the required information - Select if you reject or approve the training (mandatory) - Choose the experience level (optional) - Add notes (optional)

  7. Make sure to click on submit!

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