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In flight

Fly with Confidence

Get used to flying with only one user interface that will accompany you with different missions with different drones. Always know where to find the right buttons.

In flight

Immediate situational

Make sure both your team and external stakeholders see the exact same as your drone. Have multiple eyes, and multiple minds, on the same operation.

In flight

Control all active missions of your teams

Have all-time insights of what your team is doing. Know exactly who is flying when and where and make communication go smoothly.

In flight

Take over control from any remote location

Show your pilot exactly what to focus on without having to explain it to them. Just show it by taking control over the drone from a distance.


Protect your data

Fly with a VPN connection to keep the data to yourself and avoid it going oversees


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From flight planning till compliancy in one powerfull workflow

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