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Dutch Drone Delta

Enabling the future of Urban Air Mobility

AirHub founded the Dutch Drone Delta in 2019 with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and today provides the project management for the foundation and supports the partners with its expertise and experience during the executions of the various use cases.

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Vision & Mission

The partners within the Dutch Drone Delta see Urban Air Mobility as a future form of aviation that will have a positive sustainable impact on our environment, economy and society as a whole. Together they are enabling and accelerating the incorporation of Urban Air Mobility in The Netherlands 

The program is build up by five tracks that are subdivided in various use cases. Each partner brings its own knowledge, experience and expertise to the table to ensure that freight and people can be transported through the air in safe, efficient and socially accepted way.


The Five Tracks

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Tracks DDD.png
Tracks DDD.png
Tracks DDD.png
Tracks DDD.png

Track 1

Social embracement
(fears and chances)

Track 2

Autonomous long
distance flights

Track 3

Integration of manned and unmanned air traffic

Track 4

Drone delivery
(high value and priority)

Track 5

Urban Air Mobility
(freight and passengers)

The five tracks within the Dutch Drone Delta represent essential steps that need to be taken before Urban Air Mobility can take flight. Everything we do starts out with social embracement, where we try to take away any objections against drones and try to show the added value to society. By enabling autonomous long distance flights we take a big technical step that increases safety and efficiency. Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) will be essential to incorporate large numbers of drones within our lower airspace. Delivery of high value and high priority goods, such as medicines, will be a precursor to our final goal of Urban Air Mobility. Our end goal will be to enable the transport of freight and people between and within cities. 

Use Cases

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Drone delivery Port of Rotterdam
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Network measurement for drones KPN
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Unique trial with drones at Schiphol
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