A connected Sky with 

5G Drones and U-Space


A Strong Partnership

AirHub x AirMap

AirMap is the leading global airspace management platform for drones. AirHub is working together with AirMap and the VUTURA consortium on the development of U-Space and related services to safely integrate drones into our airspace and the world around us. 

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Innovation in the Sky

Drones are quickly evolving from a novelty to an everyday tool for enterprises across the globe. With the introduction of U-Space and 5G this transformation will even further accelerate in the next couple of years. AirHub is at the forefront of this transformation
and together with our partners we are shaping the future of our skies by developing innovative new solutions that will make the use of drones even more safer and efficient it is today. 

Defining Architecture

With many thousands of drones entering our skies within the coming decade we will need a new kind of traffic management
for our airspace. Together with many partners AirHub is now defining the architecture for the U-Space system that will keep our airspace safe and efficient. 

Setting Standards

With technology changing at an enormous pace it is hard for legislators and governments to keep up. AirHub helps by developing new standards on privacy, data security and environmental protection that guide these developments in the right direction. 

Developing Systems

With growing fleets of drones at more and more enterprises there is a need for new software systems for mission planning, flight control, operational oversight and data processing. AirHub helps organisations with the development of these systems and related services. 

Strong Collaborations


5G Powered Drones in

a Connected World

5G will change the world we live in by empowering billions of IoT devices to be connected to the internet simultaniously. Together with telecom and network providers, AirHub is developing applications that combine the strenght of drones and the 5G network. 


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Shaping the Future
of Urban Air Mobility

AirHub is leading the Dutch Initiative to shape the future of Urban Air Mobility in one of the most densely populated countries on earth. Follow us and our great partners on the road to unmanned cargo and passenger transportation through the air. 

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