AirHub  Operational Solutions

Training and Support 

for the EASA Open Category

Get started with safe, efficient and compliant drone operations within the EASA Open Category with our Drone Starter Pack. 


Step 1. "The Basics"

The Drone Starter Pack helps you to quickly set up your drone operation in a safe, efficient and compliant manner. All our packages include:

  • The right drones and equipment for your operation

  • Registration of your company, drones and pilots

  • Online education and practical on-the-job training

  • Operational procedures and guidelines

  • Third party liability and UAS hull insurance

  • AirHub Drone Operations App "Pilot Plan"

With this package you will be able to operate your drones within the EASA Open Category throughout all European countries. 


Step 2. "Training"

To perform safe, efficient and legal operations, your pilots  must comply with basic knowledge requirements and have sufficient practical skills to pilot the drone. Our A1/A3 and A2 Open Category training covers the following topics:

  • Air safety

  • Airspace restrictions

  • Aviation regulation

  • Human performance limitations

  • Operational procedures

  • UAS general knowledge

  • Technical mitigations

  • UAS flight performance

  • Operational Mitigations

  • Privacy and data protection

  • Insurance

  • Security

All trainings and examinations are provided online and can be completed at your own time and pace. 

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Step 3. "Procedures"

Operational procedures are the backbone of your drone program. They enable you to perform safe and repeatable operations that are efficient and compliant with national and European regulations. Our Operations Manual Light for the EASA Open Category includes:

  • Organisational roles and responsibilities 

  • Operational limitations and regulations

  • Normal, abnormal and emergency procedures

  • Crew qualification and training requirements

  • Maintenance and incident follow-up guidelines

With our digital Compliance Libraries we will also make sure your Operations Manual stays fully compliant with any requirements defined by EASA.  

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Step 4. "Compliance"

Once your drone program is up and running the AirHub Drone Operations Center and Ground Control apps for iOS and Android will help you to: 

  • Improve efficiency in flight planning and logging

  • Collaborate with live streaming and remote control

  • Ensure compliance with customisable checklists

  • Schedule maintenance and handle occurrence reports

Our software solutions ensure that safety and efficiency improvements are continuously implemented and that you can easily scale your operation with more pilots and drones.