Getting your Drone Operation of the Ground

Start out with Safe, Efficient and Compliant Drone Operations in the Specific Category with our Enterprise Package


1. Risk Assessment

The SORA Tool helps you set the baseline for your drone operation. Based on your Concept of Operation (ConOps), the tool provides you with the prerequisites applicable to your organisation to operate in the Specific Category.  By completing the SORA risk assessment you determine the requirements applicable to your flight crew, Operations Manual, aircraft and equipment. 

The resulting report provides a clear and comprehensive overview of your risk assessment, applied mitigations and resulting requirements, enabling you to start establishing your in-house drone program. 


2. Operations Manual

The Operations Manual is the cornerstone of your drone operation and enables you to perform safe, standardised and efficient missions. 

Based on you Concept of Operations (ConOps), the input provided in the online SORA Tool and the resulting requirements, we will help you setup a fully compliant Operations Manual or Light UAS Certificate (LUC) Manual in three easy steps:

1. Select the template applicable to your risk level
2. Select the drone(s) and equipment for your operation

3. Select the applicable operational modules (procedures)

Our digital Manual Management System enables you to push updates to your crews immediately and ensures that all documentation stays compliant with ISO standards and EASA regulations. 


3. Professional Training

Based on your Concept of Operations, the input provided in the online SORA Tool and the resulting requirements, your flight crews will require theoretical and practical flight training. We will provide them with the education and training mandatory for the EASA Specific Category:

  • A1/A3 and A2 online training for the Open Category*

  • Basic theoretical training for the Specific Category, including working under STS-01, STS-02 and SORA

  • Theoretical examination and/or final test

  • Basic practical operational flight training based upon STS-01 and STS-02

  • On-the-job practical training based on your operation


We will also include custom made training syllabi in your Operations Manual, enabling you to provide your flight crews with yearly in-house recurrent training. 

* Minimum entry requirement

Specific Category Practical Training.jpg

4. Technical Assessment

Based your Concept of Operations, the input provided in the online SORA Tool and the resulting requirements, your drone(s), equipment and external services must be checked on their level of safety and reliability to operate in the EASA Specific Category.


Our technical aviation consultants can help you compose all required documentation, such as:

  • Design and installation appraisals and standards

  • Development and manufacturing procedures

  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) evaluations


We also work with recognised Qualified Entities that can support your airworthiness certification for the European Certified Category.  


5. Start Your Operation 

Once you have received your operational authorisation from the CAA you can start realising return on investment investment through your drone program. AirHub's Drone Operations Center and Ground Control apps help you perform safe and standardised  drone operations with:

  • Comprehensive flight planning tools and checklists

  • Fleet and team management and live streaming

  • Incident reporting and maintenance scheduling


The DOC and GC apps are used by drone operators world wide to scale their drone program and stay compliant with national and international regulations.

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