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Our EASA Open Category and Specific Category theoretical and practical training ensures the necessary knowledge and pilot skills, with advanced courses and modules available to further professionalize your drone operation.

Training and Courses

Open Category
Basic Training

Get started with operating drones in EASA Open Category and learn about:

  • Regulations & Airspace Restrictions (A1/A3 + A2)

  • Normal, Abnormal, and Emergency Procedures

  • Meteorology, Flight Performance and more

Open Category
Advanced Training

Take your knowledge and skills to the next level in the Specific Category:

  • Specific Category Regulations SORA, STS, PDRA

  • Navigation & Aeronautical Decision Making

  • Emergency Response Planning, Human Performance and more

SORA Course
Specific Operations Risk Assessment

An advanced course for authorities and organizational managers:

  • Pre-application Evaluation & Concept of Operations

  • Ground Risk Class & Air Risk Class

  • Strategic & Tactical Mitigations

  • Robustness & Specific Assurance and Integrity Levels

  • Operational Safety Objectives and Adjacent Airspace/Area

  • Comprehensive Safety Portfolio

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Practical Skill Training
Advanced Modules

Increase your knowledge and skills for complex operations:

  • Extended Visual Line Of Sight

  • Beyond Visual Line Of Sight

  • Night Operations

  • Overflight Of Populated Areas

  • Operations In Controlled Airspace

  • Multi-Crew Coordination

  • Crew Resource Management

  • Swarming Operations

  • Transport Of Cargo

  • U-Space & Urban Air Mobility

  • Light UAS Certificate operations

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