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Light UAS Certificate Manuals

The Operations Manual or LUC Manual is the backbone of your drone operation. We will guide you in setting up an EASA and ISO compliant manual, electronically distributed to your crew members through our Manual Distributions System. 

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Operations Manual

The Operations Manuals is the backbone of your drone program. It enables you to perform repeatable operations that are safe, efficient and compliant with regulations. We will help you set up a Operations Manual that includes:

  • Organisational structures and responsibilities

  • Technical specification of your drones and tools

  • Flight planning and preparation procedures

  • Normal, abnormal and emergency procedures

  • Maintenance and occurrence reporting schedules

  • Crew qualification and training requirements

  • Safety Management System guidelines

Our experienced aviation consultants will also make sure your Operations Manual is - and stays - fully compliant with the any requirements defined by your Civil Aviation Authority. All our manuals are fully compliant with ISO 21384-3 (UAS - Part 3: Operational Procedures) standards as well. 

"We could not have gotten the CAA's approval without AirHub's help."


Light UAS Certificate

Within the EASA Specific Category, Light UAS Certificate (LUC) holders have the privilege to authorise their own operations without submitting an operational declaration or applying for an operational authorisation. The LUC Manual defines the scope of the privilege and includes:

  • The management, organisation and responsibilities 

  • The Safety Management System (SMS)

  • The Compliance Monitoring program

  • The scope and process of internal authorisation

  • Specific Operations Risk Assessment guidelines

At AirHub we have developed a unique methodology to apply for the Light UAS Certificate at your CAA. Our aviation and risk management experts will help you set up your LUC Manual based upon our validated templates. 

"The LUC gives us  freedom to quickly add new types of operations."


Digital Distribution

With changes in regulations and (ISO) standards and improvements that are continuous implemented within your organisation, you want to be able to inform your crews of any changes in your documentation as soon as possible.


AirHub's Manual Distribution System (MDS) - powered by WebManuals - enables you to easily adjust documents, update your crews about changes and ensure compliance with EASA regulations through the validated Compliance Libraries.  

All our Operations Manuals and Light UAS Certificate Manuals are available via our Enterprise Starter Packages and through our Manual Distributions System plans. 

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