Manage your Drone Operation from Anywhere

Monitor and Control your fleet of drones remotely and apply Computer Vision technology 


System of Record

The Drone Operations Center provides accountable managers with a comprehensive overview of everything that is going on within their drone operation. Manage your fleet, documents and teams, schedule maintenance actions and follow up on occurrence reports. The activity feed and live airspace map even show all activity in real time, so you can take action when needed. 

"Real time insights improves both safety and efficiency  of our drone ops." 


Monitor and Control

Gain real time insights and improve collaboration through live streams from any drone in the field and even perform automated or manual operations Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS). Straight from the office over 4G or 5G.

Our hardware agnostic solution enables ultra low latency remote control of any DJI or PX4 powered drone and selected Drone-in-a-Box solutions.

"Remote operations are a game changer in increasing our efficiency." 


See without Seeing

Adding Artificial Intelligence to your drone operations has never been easier. Through our partnership with Cape-AI you can easily deploy your custom developed Computer Vision model on the Drone Operations Center. Or choose from a large variety of ready-to-go Artificial Intelligence applications in our AI-Appstore.

"We were able to deploy a custom AI solution with a couple of weeks" 


Scales seamlessly alongside your team

Team management

Manage all pilots and crews in your organisation, review logged hours and make sure personnel is current.


Flight logging has never been easier.

Fly your drone with the mobile apps, insert manually or import from DJI. 


Enforce your company's standard operating procedures and make sure that all checks are completed. 


Add, edit and manage your drones, batteries and equipment. Easily store documents and checklists. 


Ensure that all drones and other equipment remain airworthy, are serviced in time and within budget. 


Increase the safety level within your organization and comply with CAA mandatory reporting requirements. 

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