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AirHub supports governments, enterprises, and manufacturers with implementing safe, legal, and efficient drone operations

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We’ll help your organization overcome any legal obstacles 

At AirHub, we know the benefits drones have to offer to any enterprise or government. We also know the legal obstacles companies face when starting this journey. We're here to help you every step of the way.


Experts in different fields

Our work ranges from setting up a U-Space test scenario for governments to helping enterprises receive the green light to start their operation.




SORA & Specific Category
Light UAS Certificate
Certified Category


Design verification

For Goverments

Drones will have an enormous impact on our lives. We support (local) governments, (aviation) authorities, and ANSPs with safely implementing drones into their societies and airspace. This is what we offer:



What it takes to have manned and unmanned aviation in the same airspace. 

Regulatory Consultancy

LUC certificates, operational manuals, and more. We know all about them.

Urban Air Mobility

Drones transporting an organ from one hospital to the other, this is the power of UAM. 


For Enterprises

Implementing drones into your organization successfully can be challenging. We can support you from proof of concept to a fully certified and compliant drone operation.


For Manufacturers

Making drones fly requires data, knowledge, and dedication. We support manufacturers with the development, validation, and certification of their drones, equipment, and services.

Design Verification
  • UAS, Systems & Services

  • Strategic Mitigations

  • Enhanced Containment

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Testing & Validation
  • Unmanned Valley

  • Amsterdam Drone Lab

  • Maritime Drone Initiative

Urban Air Mobility

choose us?

We care about the way drones are integrated into our society, and we’re here to make sure this is done in a safe and legal way. All this, while shaping the future of drones.


If we say we’ll do something, we’ll do it. It’s important our customers know they can rely on us, and that we’ll always give 100%.


We have a young and dynamic team filled with experts, who have both a wide range of knowledge, as in-depth knowledge. This ranges from creating manuals to creating BVLOS corridors. If we don’t have the knowledge, no one does.


Our team exists of aviation lovers, both manned and unmanned. We have a passion for the field, and any customer will experience this when working with us.


We keep our eyes focused on the present, but also on the future. We’re part of projects shaping the future of drones, ranging from U-Space to Urban Air Mobility.

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