Empowering the professional drone industry

AirHub supports governments, enterprises, and manufacturers with implementing safe, legal, and efficient drone operations

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We’ll help you integrate drones in your workflow

At AirHub, we believe that drones help improve our lives by supporting people working in dangerous environments and hard to reach places. We do this by supporting governments and enterprises in safely, legally, and efficiently implementing drones into society and their workflow.

For Enterprises

Implementing drones into your organization successfully can be challenging. We can support you from proof of concept to a fully certified and compliant drone operation.

For Authorities

Drones will have an enormous impact on our lives. We support Civil Aviation Authorities, Air Navigation Service Providers and local governments with safely implementing drones into their societies and airspace. This is what we offer:

For Manufacturers

Making drones fly requires data, knowledge, and dedication. We support manufacturers with the development, validation, and certification of their drones, equipment, and services.

Design Verification
  • UAS, Systems & Services

  • Strategic Mitigations

  • Enhanced Containment

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Testing & Validation
  • Unmanned Valley

  • Amsterdam Drone Lab

  • Maritime Drone Initiative

Urban Air Mobility
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