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AirHub for First Reponders

Every second counts,

Plan your mission in advance to save time, and work more efficiently in the field. Leave no room for questions or confusion.


Law enforcement

Search and Rescue

First Reponders

Immediate situational

Make sure your entire team, and outside of this, sees the exact same as your drone. Have multiple eyes, and multiple minds, at the same scene.

First responders

Controll all active missions of all your teams

Have all-time insights of what your team is doing. Know exactly who is flying when and where and avoid having to communicate back and forth.

First responders

Take over control from any remote location

TExt about take over control from any remote location straight from the dashboard


Protect your data

Fly with a VPN connection to keep the data to yourself and avoid it going oversees


Assisting the Dutch Fire Department with their drone missions

From flight planning till compliancy in one powerfull workflow

Experience the power of AirHub in your drone operations

Sales and support

Our team is at your service!

The most complete and easy to use software for you drone operations.

+31 (0)10 333 1142
Groningen, Rotterdam, Den Helder
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