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Light UAS Certificate

Authorize your own operations, operate seamelessly across all EU Member States and increase your operational capabilities with a Light UAS Certificate for the EASA Specific Category

Light UAS Certificate Support

A Light UAS Certificate will enable your organization to authorize your own types of operations without going through the application process of the Civil Aviation Authority. It also enables you to operate in other countries without applying for a cross-border operation at the local authority. Our experienced consultants can support you with developing the required documentation and train and support you in setting up the required processes.

Documentation Development


LUC Manual

The LUC Manual describes the organizational structure of the LUC-holder, the duties, and responsibilities of the management, and the normal, abnormal, and emergency procedures.

At AirHub we have developed a LUC Manual template that is approved by multiple Civil Aviation Authorities and can be fully adjusted to your specific requirements.

Development and approval

Internal Authorization

To authorize your own type of operations you need to have appropriate processes and checks and balances in place to ensure safety and compliance.

To support this process we have developed a unique Internal Authorisation Manual, which can be fully customized to the scope of the privileges that are granted by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Ensuring Safety

Safety Management System

If you want to obtain a LUC, you need to establish, implement and maintain a safety management system that corresponds with the size and nature of your organization and the complexity of the type of operations.

Our field-tested safety management system template will help your organization to proactively ensure safety in your organization and ensure proper follow-up in case of occurrences.

Regulatory Changes

Compliance Monitoring Program

The primary objective of the compliance monitoring is to enable your organization to ensure a safe operation and to remain in compliance with the EASA UAS Regulation. Furthermore, it ensures the quality of your operation is monitored through standardization and internal audits.

Our aviation-grade Compliance Monitoring Program manual will help your organization to stay compliant and keep operating on the highest possible level.

Consulting and Training

Our consultants have years of experience with performing complex operations in both manned and unmanned operations and can support you with setting up the required documentation and organizational structures and processes.

We have guided both UAS operators in applying for a Light UAS Certificate and Civil Aviation Authorities in processing applications with various scopes, such as test- and experimental operations.
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